At ‘Sayuri’, we understand the importance of print material of our customers. To satisfy their aspirations we use modern machines and use the latest technology. The printing machines are world famous brands, providing a level of flexibility that allows us to fulfill any need. As far as printed matter goes, ‘Big or Small – we print them all’. We print big jobs, small jobs, single pages, bound books and everything in between.

CTP Machine

CTP Machine

Computer-to-plate (CTP) is a mature technology and is increasingly used as a means to streamline print production. CTP is well known for its ability to assist a printer to increase productivity and maximize quality on existing offset presses. We switched over from conventional film-to-plate to CTP in order to provide the benefit of latest technology to our valued customers. As a result of switching over to CTP we cut down time taken in planning, exposing and processing plates. When it comes to WEB printing, the time saving is substantial as we use 18 pales at the same time. CTP eliminates human errors that occur in conventional plate processing such as improper registration, dust and hair marks on plates, over/under exposure, processing mistakes etc. After the introduction of CTP we see a substantial improvement in print quality and is highly appreciated by our valued customers.

Web Machines

Web Machines

World renowned Goss community printing machine and the solutions it offers creates new opportunities for Newspaper and semi commercial production. Proven core technologies derived from Color liner presses have been augmented by advanced automation, versatility. The result is an entirely unique platform designed for premium print quality, high speed, low waste and maximum production flexibility. Sayuri Printers is using this technology to maximize its quality and speed of work. Our capacity goes up to 12 pages of four colour /Black and white combination and paper widths extending to 35 inches. Combination of 22 ¾ “cut off with 35” width gives A4 size when folded using the quarter folder. We use this capability in our machine for printing A4 AND A5 size books. Book printing using web is the speediest method which we utilize to the maximum capacity. Applying a cut in the middle before the folder convert the twelve page conventional size newspaper to a 24 page tabloid paper which is another product we produce in our web machine.

newspaper printing machine

Newspaper Printing Section

Sayuri newspaper printing facility is one of the largest of its kind in Sri Lanka. It has the capacity to complete more than 17,000 of 12 page newspapers or 24 page tabloids per hour. Newspapers are printable in any commonly available size in our newspaper printing facility. Our staff is highly experienced and trained who ensure the quality of print, and timely delivery as well. We use only high quality raw material like paper, ink and chemicals from well-known manufactures.

sheet feder machine

Sheet Fed Machine

Sumitomo Miller an offset printing machine made with Japanese technology. It is the ideal solution for all kind of printing works. Miller machine is capable of printing both side simultaneously. Sayuri Printers uses the technology to maximize quality and increase the speed of work.

paper folding machine

Folding Machines

Sayuri Printers uses high speed folding machines maximizing quality and increasing the speed of work.

Horizon Binder

Horizon Binder

The Horizon BQ-470 is a fully automated, 4-Clamp Perfect Binder featuring an interchangeable glue tank for both EVA and PUR adhesives. Sayuri Printers use the technology to maximize its quality and speedy work.

binding machine

Binding Machines

S-FM-86 High Speed Automatic Paper Input, stretching and automatic Three-side Trimmer machine. The machine has the capacity to finish 10, 000 books per hour and is used at Sayuri Printers to maximize the quality and speed of work.